Elementary School

Grade 1

1st Grade Curriculum

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  • Hebrew

    希伯来语教学是所有进一步希伯来语习得的基础. Reading and writing are the primary goals this year. Using a comprehensive approach, students are taught to read Hebrew words, sentences and short stories with accuracy and comprehension. 此外,学生学习阅读和书写希伯来文印刷体和手写体. Using vocabulary that is meaningful to their daily life, the students are able to participate in short Hebrew conversations.
  • Judaic Studies

    犹太人的仪式,历史和middot是mg摆脱免费玩官方网站犹太研究课程的核心和灵魂. 假期,帕拉夏特·哈沙瓦节,特菲拉节和以色列都是用这些目标来研究的. 学生们在日常的早餐和早餐讨论中学习了烤肉和烤肉的原理和意义. Towards the end of the year, Chumash skills are also introduced.
  • Language Arts

    mg摆脱免费玩官方网站努力帮助学生培养独立阅读和写作的热情和动力. Our balanced literacy program works to build students’ fluency. Whole-class read alouds, shared reading, 分层阅读小组针对的是每个学生自己的读写水平. 学生学习和练习自然拼读,并将这些技能应用到他们的真实阅读中. 在小型阅读小组中,mg摆脱免费玩官方网站使用引导阅读来磨练语音和理解能力. mg摆脱免费玩官方网站学习批判性思维技能,以帮助加深对课文的理解. Reading and writing enhance one another, as we provide opportunities to explore non-fiction, fiction, and creative writing genres. Our literacy program is cross-curricular, incorporating other subjects to weave a holistic literacy experience. 出版图书是一种重要的基于项目的方式,学生展示他们的理解和练习他们的写作技巧.
  • Math

    数学课程的主要目标是建立学生对数字概念和数字关系的基本理解. We work with numbers hands-on, 结合活动和游戏,帮助学生在现实环境中提高理解能力. We learn and explore:
    • Comparing and ordering numbers
    • Ones and tens place values
    • Developing automaticity with addition and subtraction facts
    • Geometric shapes
    • The concept of time and telling time
    • Measurement
    • Fractions
    • Currency: coins and their value
  • Physical Education

    威彻斯特走读学校致力于提供高质量的体育课程,这是核心课程的重要组成部分,在学校的整体教育理念中应该得到同等的重视. 几项科学研究一致认为,日常体育活动可以改善认知功能, achievement performance in the classroom, mental health, confidence, self-esteem, the total improved physical health and fitness of the individual, and makes happier and healthier kids. 考虑到这一点,低年级(1-5年级)的学生每周有4节体育课(每节30分钟)。.
  • Science

    In first grade, mg摆脱游戏免费试玩学生了解世界,因为他们发展自己的科学和调查技能. 一年级学生在做下沉和漂浮的调查单元时,使用科学的方法并学习使用测量工具, states of matter, weather and the water cycle. 学生使用mg摆脱游戏免费试玩属性创建天气工具和跟踪天气模式. 他们还通过mg摆脱免费玩官方网站的感官和健康饮食来了解自己的身体.

    Units of study include:
    Scientific Method
    Sinking and Floating
    States of Matter
    Water Cycle
    Five Senses
    Healthy Eating

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威彻斯特走读学校是一所现代正统,男女同校,双课程,幼儿到8岁th 这是一所犹太学校,以他们自己的方式激励和教育mg摆脱免费玩官方网站的学生重视人性, mitzvot, and lifelong learning.